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Silk Striped Tie with 145cm total length and 9.5cm width at widest point.


Did you know?...


We were once featured in John Le Carré's book- 'The Tailor Of Panama'?




'Entering the stately Avenida Balboa he has the sensation of becoming airborne. To his right the United States Embassy rolls by, larger than the Presidential Palace, larger even this than his bank. But not, at this moment, larger than Louisa. I'm too grandiose, he explains to her as he descends into the bank's forecourt. If I wasn't so grandiose in my head I'd never be in the mess I'm in now, I'd never have seen myself as a landed baron and I'd never be owing a mint I haven't got and I'd stop sniping at Ernie Delgado and anybody else you happen to regard as Mister Morally impeccable. Reluctantly he switches off his Motzart, reaches into the back of the car, removes his jacket from its hanger- he has selcted dark blue - slips it on and adjusts his Denman & Goddard tie in the driving mirror. He nurses a pump-action shotgun and salutes everyone who wears a suit.'

Denman & Goddard Silk Tie

SKU: 00001
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