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Upholders of the finest traditions of bespoke tailoring for over 200 years: steeped in tradition and history, and coupled with a wealth of experience, Denman & Goddard are one of Savile Row’s foremost Bespoke Tailors.


Our garments are hand crafted by the finest Artisan Tailors, using methods handed down over many generations. To some, a Bespoke Suit is an indulgence, to others it is a necessity.

We at Denman & Goddard assure you that it will be a unique experience, and one that will allow you to appreciate the comfort and elegance of a truly bespoke creation, whatever the garment or occasion.


Please take the time to explore our history and examples of our tailoring, which can be found on our blog section.

We assure you of a warm and friendly welcome and our very best attention to your sartorial requirements at all times.

David Cook

Master Tailor

Eton Medley is a publication by B.J.W Hill. Fist published in 1948 describing the history and life at the famous public school. Denman & Goddard have since the late 1800’s produced all aspects of school uniform for the college from our own workshops on Eton High street.


In our showroom we have a first edition copy of the Eton Medley book, a large number of our home clients are “Old Etonians”. The book is now on show and we invite all who went to the school to sign our book with the dates which they attended.


The numerous household names that have signed our book over the years make for some very interesting reading.

Dino, head coat maker of Denman and Goddard considered in the whole of the Savile Row bespoke trade as the best coat/jacket maker in the business. He has worked for David for more than 25 years.

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